A COLLEGE which takes in students across East Lancashire has issued point by point advice to students on how to keep their cool ahead of results day.

Burnley College has made a number of helpful tips available as anxiety levels rise ahead of A Level Results day on Thursday.

The college has asked anxious students to ‘plan their next step’ instead of worrying about their results.

The online guide says “Planning your next steps might sound like you’ll be adding more stress. However it has been proven that getting future plans sorted in your head, however vague, can really help you sleep better at night.”

The guide also advises students to get out with friends, but to try not to discuss results when together.

Read it here: http://www.burnley.ac.uk/how-to-stop-worrying-about-results-day/

The guide advises: “Banning trigger words like “results”, “exams”, “uni”, “career” from your conversations that day will mean you force each other to think about other topics. Help each other out, feel better and set your mind straight.

” Last but not least students struggling to cope should get in touch with the college: “We wish each and every one of our students the best of luck and hope that if you should need any advice or guidance on what to do next, you can always contact us.”