A NELSON-based charity, Muslim Global Relief, is aiding the people of Gaza and after a series of sustained attacks have recently made headlines, the charity has announced an emergency appeal.

More than 1,800 people in Gaza have been killed and most of them are women and children. Miore than 100,000 people are now sheltering in UN facilities, while thousands of others have moved to stay with friends or relatives.

Whole areas in the east of Gaza City have all but emptied, with families moving into the centre of the city to avoid the shelling. Al-Shifa hospital, too, has become an unofficial shelter for the displaced.

Muhammad F Bashir, of Muslim Global Relief in Manchester Road, Nelson said: “People not only lack money, but also security and personal safety is also of great importance.

“Yet, with the borders with Egypt and Israel still closed due to a seven-year blockade on Gaza, the enclave remains effectively sealed off.

“Many Palestinians are saying ‘there is no safe place in Gaza.’ “We are urging people to donate now more than ever to our emergency appeal so that we can help to deliver aid on the ground.”

To donate, visit www.muslimglobalrelief.org or call 01282-604055.