A 19-YEAR-OLD woman behaved ‘like an animal’ when she was released from the cage in the back of a police van.

Blackburn magistrates heard Samantha Houlgrave screamed that she would ‘bite your face off’ when she was released.

And when a female officer went to help her out she locked a leg around the officer’s legs and then sank her teeth into her thigh.

Houlgrave, 19, of Borrowdale Avenue, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to assaulting PC Rebecca House.

She was sentenced to 18 weeks in custody suspended for 12 months with £100 compensation and £85 costs.

Mike Wallbank, prosecuting, said police were called to Borrowdale Avenue where a man had been stabbed. Houlgrave was arrested when PC House arrived.

She was kicking out and struggling before PC House and another officer transported her to the police station in handcuffs and took her straight to the non-compliant bay.

After PC House helped her out of the van Houlgrave pushed her against a wall and wrapped a leg around the officer’s legs so she couldn’t move.

“She then bent down and bit her on the thigh,” said Mr Wallbank.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said: “Her boyfriend was being taken to hospital but the police wouldn’t let her go in the ambulance. She was upset and angry.”

He said she had been recalled on prison licence after the incident and was serving 28 days in prison.