A DRUNK dad hurled a pan of broccoli at his ‘ex-partner’ on Father’s Day and repeatedly kicked her when she slipped in it and fell, a court heard.

Burnley magistrates were told how alcoholic Wayne Gray, 44, had been asked for a meal by victim Suzanne Woodrup, so their little boy could be with his dad on the special day.

But Gray lost his temper after a row over finances and ended up in the cells after also threatening an officer on the way to the police station and then booting him in the groin. The officer was left with a ‘lasting injury’.

Gray, who claims mother-of-two Ms Woodrup hit him with a metal spoon, admitted assaulting her by beating, and assaulting a police constable, on June 15.

The defendant, of Yorkshire Street, Bacup, was given four months in prison, suspended for two years, with a community order, supervision and alcohol treatment. Alex Mann, prosecuting, said Ms Woodrup and the defendant split up some time ago and she invited him to the house for the benefit of their son.

Gray arrived at 5.30pm, extremely drunk as, she would say, he has a drink problem. There was a discussion about finances regarding the children — the defendant also has a teenage son — and she then felt water down her back.

The prosecutor said: “She says he had thrown a pan of broccoli at her as she was cooking. She asked him what the hell he was playing at, she slipped on the water and he began kicking her while she lay helpless on the floor. He kicked her to the head and continued to kick her, she says, about another five times.”

Mrs Mann said Ms Woodrup suffered a lump to her forehead, a cut and soreness. The defendant had a previous conviction for assault causing actual bodily harm.

Ben Leech, defending, said Gray would say he and Ms Woodrup are in an on-off relationship but don’t live together.

She wanted him to contribute more towards her two children, but he has another child. In temper, as he was walking through the kitchen, he knocked the pan of broccoli off the stove. It wasn’t hot water and he didn’t throw it at her.

Mr Leech added: “She had a metal implement and she turned towards him and struck him with that. She fell to the floor. He says both parties were in drink at the time.”