A ‘Fit Squad’ is aiming to support people to stay healthy during Ramadan.

The group, which has been set up by Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, provides healthy lifestyle and weight management advice and is encouraging people to stay healthy during Ramadan and avoid putting weight on.

The trust said that for many, this is a time for families and friends to come together and share evening meals and when temptation to overindulge ‘may be present’.

Health lifestyles practitioner Jenny Broom said: “During Ramadan it can be tempting when having the evening meal to indulge in traditional foods which can be high in fat content.

“However, by simply changing the cooking method, for example baking or grilling meat and fish instead of frying it, and shallow frying pastries, this can help to reduce the fat content of the meal and help you stay healthy.”

Visit: www.fitsquad.nhs.uk