A COUPLE from Colne are taking on energy drinks giants such as Red Bull after launching their own brand.

SUPER!NATURAL is an all-natural energy drink made from blueberries, grapes and apples with natural caffeine sourced from green coffee beans.

The drink has been created by Ben Chambers and his wife Noeli who came up the idea as they used to spend many hours driving to work and often turned to energy drinks to give them a boost.

In just over a year, the drink is now stocked in more than 100 shops in Scotland and the couple are hoping to make inroads into England on the back of the success of the Tour de France.

Ben said the Tour provided an excellent opportunity as his drinks provide energy needed for sports such as cycling but are also chemical-free, and so guaranteed not to cause any embarrassing results in a drugs test.

Ben, 43, previously worked at the Johnson and Johnson factory in Gargrave testing medical devices such as wound dressings and sterile strips, but says he always had an ambition to work for himself.

He said: “I always wanted to do something on my own and although I enjoyed my work, I craved the autonomy of working for myself.”

Johnson and Johnson asked Ben to relocate to Inverness - but it was this move that lead him to his ‘Eureka’ moment while travelling the long distances between Colne and Inverness.

He said: “I started thinking that there must be a better, more natural alternative but I looked around and couldn’t find any.

“I decided there was a gap in the market and started testing out recipes.”

SUPER!NATURAL has been approved by The Vegetarian Society, and contains no added sugar and no artificial colourings.