LANCASHIRE Badger Group has welcomed the decision to jail three men who filmed themselves attacking animals.

Joshua Varey, of Duke Street, and Shaun Mullens, of Leach Street, Colne, were jailed for 126 and 114 days respectively after they admitted causing a fight to take place between a dog and a badger.

Paul Ashworth, of Hawley Street, Colne, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal by trying to shake a cat out of a tree so that barking dogs below could seize it. He was jailed for 76 days.

Ian Scott, from the group, said: “Badgers are legally protected; this sentence will send a clear message to other criminals that take part in this sickening activity.

“We would like the public to keep an eye out for people acting suspiciously at or near setts. They may have spades and several dogs, often terriers or lurcher types.

“Contact the police immediately on 101.”