Lancashire County Council has been slammed over plans to cut funding for Countryside Access.

In the past, the county has paid Pendle Council to carry out Countryside Access functions, like footpath and bridleway repairs and maintenance, but has now served notice that this arrangement can no longer continue.

County Coun Paul White said “It’s clear that this deal will mean that Pendle will be worse off. It’s widely recognised that we have some of the best Rights of Way in the county.

"I firmly believe that taking the service back to Preston will mean things will worsen. “We’ve got men on the ground just covering Pendle who know this area like the back of their hand. Taking it back to Preston will remove that local knowledge”.

The County Council also plans to charge for parking at three additional sites in Lancashire, one of which is Wycoller.

Mr White added: “As a borough council, Pendle has always been proud of our free car parking to attract people to the area.

“In fact, we’ve won awards for it.”

“The county council wants to come in and impose this charge over our heads.

“I realise councils have to save money, but as a borough council we’ve managed to save it without introducing car parking charges”.

“It will do nothing to attract visitors, and it is already a car park with security issues. It’s going to really wind people up, and I think many will just choose to park on the road.”