DEVELOPERS behind a controversial housing development in Barnoldswick have had to go back to the drawing board after it was discovered they didn’t own all of the required land for the project.

An application for 29 houses on land off Long Ing Lane, near the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, was due to be discussed by Pendle Council’s development control committee. But the application has had to be resubmitted, which means another 21-day consultation exercise will now have to take place.

Coun David Whipp questioned whether the boundaries shown on the application were accurate when the plans were considered at the last West Craven area committee meeting. He said the application was back at square one.

Councillors on the area committee had voted to reject the plans, going against a planning officer's advice, which is why it was due to be heard again by the development control committee.

Resident Peter Crompton addressed the committee on behalf of more than 500 objectors, highlighting residents' concerns about access, increased traffic and road safety, and pointed out that neighbouring property owners would be robbed of their environmental amenity.

Councillors were also upset the developers refused to contribute to local bus stop improvements and open spaces.

Coun Ken Hartley said: “This is a total nonsense application.” he added that 20 per cent of it was outside the settlement boundary.

But Neil Watson, Pendle Council's planning and building control manager, said: "Developers can challenge decisions based on viability. These type of green field sites form the type of development Pendle needs, and we should allow a developer a reasonable profit margin.

"If these additional contributions would be made, it would then become unviable."