A MOTORIST seen driving erratically on the M65 had a cocktail of four drugs in his system, but partly blamed his dog for ‘bouncing around’ in the car when he was stopped by police, a court heard.

David Mark Jackson, 55, had been on the wrong side of the road when spotted going into Abbey Village, and another driver had had to swerve to avoid a head-on crash, Pennine magistrates were told.

And when he went onto the M65, a witness was so concerned he would cause a smash, he called the police.

Jackson also narrowly missed vehicles in Padiham after he left the motorway.

And a motorist, who described his driving as ‘dangerous’ and thought he was drunk, also alerted officers.

Burnley magistrates heard how Jackson gave a negative breath test following the afternoon incident, but a blood sample showed he had recently used heroin, methadone, cannabis, and diazepam.

Jobless Jackson, of Bown-ess Road, Padiham, admitted driving while unfit thr- ough drugs on the M65 east-bound, at Burnley, on April 21.

Magistrates sentenced him to eight weeks in prison, suspended for a year.

He was also banned from driving for 18 months, and must pay an £80 victim sur-charge, and £85 costs.

Sara Lyall, for Jackson, said he had used a very small amount of heroin every day, decided he wanted to come off drugs, and had taken himself off to Inspire.

He was given a methadone prescription, and it didn’t agree with him.

Ms Lyall added: “He didn’t like the combination of methadone and heroin. It was having a negative effect on how he was feeling.”

She said when the police spoke to her client, they said there was a dog bouncing around in the car.

Jackson had been trying to control the dog, and the car.

She added: “That did affect his driving on the day, albeit he clearly accepts what the doctor has said.”

Ms Lyall said Jackson had not committed any driving offences for 22 years.

He had got rid of the car immediately after the inc-ident.

“He thought this is a wake-up call.

“Clearly, something needs to change,” added Ms Lyall.