AN e-cigarette firm has joined calls for the World Health Organisation (WHO) to resist ‘over-regulation’ of the products.

As reported last week, 53 researchers from 15 countries have written to the global body to urge it not to ‘control and suppress’ the devices, saying they have the potential to save millions of lives by helping people give up standard cigarettes.

WHO is preparing to publish recommendations to national governments about the health impact of e-cigarettes.

Matthew Moden, director of Darwen-based Liberty Flights, said: “Over-regulation of the product will ultimately lead to reduction in choice and could lead to people going back to burning tobacco. The electronic cigarette is not a gateway into tobacco, it provides an exit route from tobacco.

“As founder board members of ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Trade Association) we have helped define the correct standards and fully support and adhere them.”