NATURE lovers should leave baby birds alone if they find them on the ground, according to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Alan Wright, the trust’s commincations officer, said the majority of fledglings were just learning to fly, and would be receiving instructions from their parents sitting in trees nearby.

He said: “It is upsetting to see a young bird flapping and ruffling its feathers.

“They may look abandoned, but their parents should be close by giving them encouragement.

“The last thing they want is for a human to come along to stop the flying lesson.”

He added that if the bird appears to be in imminent danger, then it would be sensible to move it to a safer place, like a tree branch, but not too far away.

Anyone concerned about birds, or other wildlife, should contact the RSPCA, or the Wildlife Trust, at Alternatively, people can telephone 01772 324129.