THIS is the face of an unknown soldier, whose black and white photograph was undiscovered behind a Blackburn fireplace for years.

Its finder has now appealed for help in tracing the nameless sergeant’s relatives.

Solicitor Andrew Varley said: “In 2005, when we were converting number 26 Wellington Street into offices, we found this photo behind a fireplace. We think it might have fallen off a mantelpiece.”

The photo was put to one side and forgotten until recently, when Mr Varley was sorting through paperwork.

“We moved out of Blackburn after the credit crunch and the company closed about a month ago. I was going through papers and found the photo.

“It’s obviously of sentimental value to somebody – this could be someone’s dad or grandad.”

Mr Varley said the company, AD Varley and Co, bought the property from a family who had never moved in, and said rumour suggests it was once a vicarage.

Little is known about the soldiers, who sports dark, slicked back hair and the hint of a goatee. He is not wearing his regimental capbadge, but his uniform dates from the World War Two.

If you can help identify the man, call our newsroom on 01254 298209.