EAST Lancashire-based charity Al-Imdaad Foundation UK has delivered thousands of pounds worth of much-needed food aid to refugees who have fled the conflict in Syria.

A total of 12 truckloads of flour, costing £120,000, was paid for using money given by generous donors from England.

The flour was purchased from Turkey and then taken to the bakeries in the refugee camps where bread and naan was produced.

The delivery of 300 tonnes of flour will now feed more than 50,000 refugees daily for 1one month in areas of Syria where food has now become scarce.

Since last December, the Al-Imdaad Foundation UK charity has in total delivered more than three million naan breads in six different districts of Syria.

International Projects coordinator Zubair Valimulla, who was on the ground last week at the Syrian borders said: “Our work continues inside Syria and at the neighbouring borders, providing food aid, medical aid, shelter and taking care of orphan children.

“We will continue to support the cause as long as needed as well as our projects globally.”

The charity has also created the UK’s first containerised village inside Syria, providing shelter and new homes to around 1,000 refugees; giving priority to the disabled, widows and orphans.

Al-Imdaad also responded to the UK floods in Somerset in February and provided £20,000 for a new kidney dialysis machine here at Blackburn Royal Hospital by supporting the Mayor’s charity.

To view the charity’s updates and global work please visit alimdaad.co.uk