THE Titanic Museum could be set to depart East Lancashire at the end of July.

The museum was set up in Colne five years ago, but moved to Samlesbury Hall after outgrowing its previous premises.

The hall agreed to house the museum for a year, but has now said the term will not be extended as there are plans to bring in a new exhibition.

Curator Nigel Hampson said he was disappointed by the news, which was given to him on Monday, but understood the hall’s decision.

He said: “We were never permanent there. They guaranteed us a year and they said they would review the situation and decide whether they would have us there longer.

“We wanted to be extended, we thought they were happy to have us there, but they’ve got another exhibition to move in.

“We’re a bit gutted. We knew it wouldn’t be permanent, but we were hoping for another year.

“We’ve got to be out by July 27, so we’re going to be homeless on July 28. We’re busy hunting for a new venue.”

Sharon Jones from Samlesbury Hall said the new exhibition was ‘very exciting’, and was more local to the hall.

She said: “It’s been delightful to have the Titanic at the hall.

“The arrangement was for a year, our visitors have found it quite entertaining and it is with great regret that we say goodbye to Nigel and set the Titanic sailing again.

“The new exhibition was something that we simply couldn’t say no to.”

The Titanic museum has been using Facebook, Twitter and email to try to find a new home for the collection, and Mr Hampson said he is considering a move further afield.

He said: “We’d love to get out a bit further towards the coast, possibly Liverpool, Blackpool, or Southport, where there’s a good tourism element."

Call Nigel Hampson on 07445 565493.