A ROSSENDALE animal sanctuary is warning people to be careful when buying 'mico pigs' after some owners are giving them away as they are too big.

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, in Edenfield, has taken in a ‘micro-pig’ they have called Jamie, given away by his owner after growing far bigger than they expected.

They already have three others, Madge, Harold and Liquorice, who live permanently at Bleakholt.

Sheila Linley, a stablehand at the centre, said: “Jamie was delivered to us as the people who originally took him in were told he was two-years-old and therefore more-or-less fully grown.

“He started growing and they found out he was only actually around six months old.

“It’s important, if people are wanting to buy a micro-pig, they have fully researched the background.

“Piglets are being passed off as fully grown and people may think they are buying a small pig when it’s not always the case.

“Pig owners also need to be registered with DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and there is also legislation in place to limit where you can take them. This all needs to be fully investigated.”

Jamie is currently settling into life at Bleakholt, has been neutered and will soon be put with Liquorice for company.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring Jamie, or becoming a member of Bleakholt, call 01706 822577 or visit www.bleakholt.org for more information.