A CAR enthusiast who has already restored a 1960s fire engine is now working on an ambulance and police car from the same era.

Alan Dunderdale, 60, takes his fire engine to historic vehicle shows across the north and is now spending time making the other emergency vehicles roadworthy.

All the vehicles are Austin Gypsies and have been rescued from states of disrepair.

Alan, who lives in Burnley and works at Pendle View Primary School, in Colne, said: “I bought the fire engine on eBay, got the police car from a private advert and saw the ambulance in a field, and it took several years to be able to buy it.

“I love cars and I used to be a paramedic so I particularly wanted the ambulance. It was on the verge of being a total write-off when I got it, and we’re halfway through restoring it now. It’s going to take about seven years in total.

“The vehicles are really unique, there was only 16 of these ambulances ever made and this is one of only two pre-production prototypes.

“There is also only about five of the fire engines still roadworthy.”

Alan receives help with the restorations from his daughter Kerrie and her husband Colin Wilson, as well as his son Keith.

The work on the ambulance and police car was put on hold when he got married to Marjorie six months ago.

He said: “She has learned to love the vehicles, I think she was a bit unsure at first but she is into it now.

“It’s great to take the fire engine to the show and see the reaction, people love seeing it.”