A DISABLED Oswaldtwistle woman became so fed up of seeing weeds at the town’s war memorial that she pulled them out herself.

Susan Young, 60, uses a walking frame to get about, and was resting at the war memorial in Rhydding Street when she spotted weeds growing out of flower boxes.

The New Lane resident said: “I go down every Sunday and Wednesday morning because I need to walk, and I have watched the weeds get worse and worse.

“And on Sunday, you could not see some of the flowers for weeds.”

Mrs Young, who has undergone several major operations on her spine, said she filled two bins full of weeds in just over an hour.

“It had not been touched for a long while, so I did it myself. I held on to the boxes and just pulled them out. I got some funny looks,” she said.

“It’s supposed to be a memorial for people who have died, and it was a mess. There are some beautiful flowers in there, but what’s the point of putting them in if you don’t look after them?