BANKING revolutionary David Fishwick has offered to buy the Burnley branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland if it goes on the market, it has been revealed.

The self-made millionaire minibus retailer from Burnley, who became famous after his television series Bank of Dave, has made an official offer to the national bank.

It comes after RBS announced that it was closing 44 branches across the UK, 14 of which are classed as the ‘last banks in town’.

Mr Fishwick, owns the low-interest ‘bank’ Burnley Savings and Loans Limited that has a sole branch in Keirby Walk.

He said: “It worries me that pensioners who want to take cash out or make any type of transactions might have to travel to the next town, which they might not be able to do and will have nowhere to go.

“And local people and businesses will also have nowhere to go.

“And many cash machines also charge to take money out, which the ones at my bank don’t.

“The banks were there when the sun was shining, but times are tough now, and I think they’ve forgotten their roots and it really bothers me.”

The Co-operative Bank confirmed on Friday that it made a loss of £1.3billion in 2013.

Mr Fishwick said: “The Co-operative Bank has made massive losses, while paying out massive bonuses, and I don’t understand how that can be right.

“We need a community bank, run for the community, by the community, in every major town and city in the country.

“In the next 18 months, my bank will have lent to 1,000 businesses. We’re doing fantastically well.

“We’ve got seven staff now and we’ve been in profit since we started.

“I want to buy that branch and keep its staff on, because they’ve done nothing wrong.”