BLACKBURN’S ‘singing tailor’ is lining up his next generation of royal customers...

After Prince George was pictured wearing a pair of dungarees, Savile Row-trained tailor Bob Wilson said he was gearing up for more orders of a product he’s made less than a handful of times.

And stores across East Lanc-ashire are braced for demand for dungarees after baby George’s jumpers and christening gown sparked widespread interest.

The Simmons Street-based tailor, who is married to Marg-aret and well-known for his kar- aoke machine in his workshop, said: “I think they will go up in sales.

“Prince George is in the pub-lic eye and people like to follow the latest craze.

“It’s not a bad thing because I had my son in dungarees when he was 12 months old, though I never made them myself.”

The baby prince was pictured with parents William and Kate wearing navy smocked dung-arees, with a fishing boat emb-roidered on the front, during their family trip to New Zealand.

But Mr Wilson, 63, who made riding jackets for the Queen and Princess Margaret, said he would make something slightly different for the baby prince.

He said: “I’ve only ever made two pairs of dungarees in my 50 years of working.

“The last major sales in dungarees was in 1968 and 1969.

“I usually make gentlemen’s suits for weddings and other occasions, but I would make a pair of dungarees for the little prince.

“I’d make them out of a nice dress tweed fabric, not just manufacturing either, but mak- ing it with precision and care.”