THE moment a bride-to-be unleashed a flurry of punches at a member of her hen party in the middle of a flight was captured on film by a Ramsbottom man.

Bonsai artist and social media consultant Tony Tickle, 58, was on the Ryanair flight from Manchester to Barcelona on his way to a convention in the Spanish city.

As the flight, which was due to take off at 6.30pm but was delayed for an hour, approached its destination the fight broke out between two members of the group.

In the video, the ‘hen’ can be seen standing over a member of the group and swinging several punches in the direction of a woman who was sat down. Mr Tickle, who posted the video on YouTube, where it has gathered more than 100,000 views, said: “My phone was in a bag by my feet and I grabbed it quickly. There were a few people filming but they only caught the end of it.

“The bottom line is there was a hen party and there was a lot of shouting going on, but there was no aggression prior to that.

“The the reaction among passengers was one of disbelief.”

Ryanair staff on the flight can be seen quickly smoothing the altercation and returning people to their seats, and the Irish budget airline firm praised cabin crew for their response.

A Ryanair spokesman said: “We have already seen this video, which shows that the matter was dealt with quickly and professionally by our cabin crew.”