KATE Hollern has thanked Blackburn Labour members in Blackburn for their trust in her to be the party’s general election candidate and said her task is now to win the same from the town’s voters.

On Sunday, the borough council leader comfortably won the selection contest to replace Jack Straw, with 199 of the 360 votes cast.

London barrister Sara Ibrahim came second with 53, Middleton environmental scientist Ann Courtney got 39 and Huddersfield councilllor Naheed Arshad- Mather got 44.

Some 25 out of 220 postal votes were disallowed.

Coun Hollern said: “I am really honoured that Blackburn Labour Party put their trust and confidence in me to be their candidate in 2015. It’s a tremendous responsibility for me. My job now is to persuade voters of the town to do the same.

“I am not complacent and know that is a big task.

“If elected, my job will be to represent the people of Blackburn in Parliament and make sure their voice is heard at Westminster.

Jack Straw said: “I am delighted Kate has won and by such a resounding margin. She has said there is no such thing as a safe seat, so she is not taking the people of Blackburn for granted.”