A UNION leader has spoken out over his members’ increasing workloads.

Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen representative of the National Union of Teachers, Simon Jones, said teachers are working in excess of 55 hours a week. Following the national publication of the union’s workload diary survey, he said the increase in workload was ‘unacceptable’.

He said: “No one enters the profession expecting a nine to five job, but these levels are entirely unacceptable. The average primary teacher is now working nearly 60 hours per week.

“Secondary heads 63 hours and the average secondary teacher is working nearly 56 hours a week. This is simply unsustainable.”

He added: “This is an issue that should concern everyone. Our children deserve enthusiastic, energetic teachers not overworked and stressed ones.

“We’ve found that more than a fifth of their workload is paperwork which does not directly benefit children’s learning.”