A TEENAGER who exposed himself to two girls, via a mobile phone, had committed the same type of sexual offence in the past, a court has heard.

Aaron Kucukcan was placed on three years’ supervision, with a sex offender treatment programme, by a judge who told him he apparently had a problem that needed to be addressed, otherwise more serious offences might take place in future.

Preston Crown Court heard that he had exposed himself in a FaceTime connection, to a 16-year-old girl. Her younger teenage sister had also seen his image.

The defendant, formerly of Todber Caravan Site, Gisburn and Derby Street, Colne, had pleaded guilty to an offence of exposure. He had also admitted a bail offence.

Rick Holland, prosecuting, said that the elder girl had begun to receive messages from an unknown source on her new iphone.

The third time that the phone rang, she went on to see a male exposing himself and touching himself. Both girls were shocked by what they saw. They went on to tell their mother.

A phone number for Kucukcan went on to be found and the 16-year-old said she knew who he was.

Back in 2010 and when aged 16, the defendant had been placed on a youth rehab order for exposure. That offence had occurred in a wooded area and the case had involved an adult female.

Laura Heywood, defending, said: “It was perhaps a very foolish thing for him to do. It was foolish, rather than anything more sinister.

“He is clearly remorseful and regretful for his actions. He now realises the impact this offence has had.”

The defendant had spent the last thirty two days on remand. She asked the court to consider making a community order on him.

Judge Anthony Russell QC told Kucukcan that such an offence can cause considerable distress.

He had a previous offence of exposure, though that had been in different circumstances.

The judge said: “It seems quite clear there is a risk if what seems to be a sexual problem is not addressed, that further and possibly more serious offending might result as a consequence.

“That can best be address by a community order, with a sex offender treatment programme.” He will be on the sex offenders register for five years.