LAWYERS have warned that people could face criminal charges over the dangerous ‘Neknominate’ drinking craze.

The game sees participants filming themselves ‘necking’ alcoholic drinks as quickly as possible, uploading the footage on to Facebook and nominating friends to film their own video within 24 hours.

Drinkers try to outdo each other by increasing the volume of alcohol that they consume or by drinking unusual ingredients.

But those who encourage their friends to perform the risky stunts could be charged with manslaughter if they die, according to legal experts.

The warning was issued after 20-year-old Bradley Eames, from Nottingham, apparently became the third British victim of the craze, after filming himself downing nearly two pints of gin and posting the footage online.

Police are said to be investigating the deaths of three British men who have so far died as a result of the deadly drinking challenge, and may wish to speak to the people who nominated them.

Many people in East Lancashire, most of them young, have already taken part in the dangerous craze and shared videos online. Haslingden and Hyndburn MP Graham Jones,, backed the idea of prosecuting those who nominate people who perish as a result of the drinking game.

He said: “If someone has encouraged someone to do something that has led to their death then that is manslaughter.”