A BITTER row over a ‘rebranding’ exercise for Pendle is set to be resolved by the borough’s full council next week.

Coun David Whipp and fellow Liberal Democrats have dismissed the concept ‘Pendle – The In Place to Work, Rest and Play’ as ‘dated’ and ‘Mars bar marketing’.

And they asked for a decision backing the ‘Brand Pendle’ initiative to be reviewed by the borough council’s executive.

Coun Whipp said: “The squiggles that we have proposed are a nonsense and the road signs are a disaster.”

But Coun James Starkie, who has championed the exercise, has insisted that the plans will be a vital cog in promoting the borough’s economic regeneration, as it enters its 40th year.

Labour councillors have been supportive of the Conservative-led proposals but they have called for a rethink on the designs.

The Brand Pendle concept’s fate would now appear to rest with the authority’s 49 members, at next Thursday’s fulll council meeting.