A LONG-standing business in Clitheroe is set to close ‘within a month’ because the town centre is ‘failing to attract enough shoppers’.

Linda Nixon, 58, is closing Tots To Teens, which she has owned for 18 years, because of the lack of footfall in the town and the prevelance of charity and coffee shops in the town centre.

The independant business, which was set up by Tim Reynolds under the name ‘Tim’s Children’s Wear’, is attempting to sell its stock of school uniforms, toys, clothes and games before it finally closes.

The shop is one of nine businesses up for sale or let in Castlegate alone and joins sweet shop Candycopia in closing this year.

The mum-of-four and grandma-of-two said that the competition from Tesco selling school uniforms had impacted on the business hard and that the town centre is not what it used to be.

As part of the closure two part-time staff members will lose their jobs and the existing stock has been heavily reduced on price.

She said: “When I took over this business the town centre was busting every day and at weekends it was packed.

“Now it’s so quiet during the weeks and at weekends you would be lucky to see three people in the centre at any one time.

“I have had some days when no one has come in and I have been paying more in wages than I have got in sales.

“The borough council and the town council do not do enough for independant businesses in Clitheroe.

“The centre is fast filling up with charity and coffee shops and people are staying away more and more.

“They see the big to let or for sale signs in the street and go somewhere else and it’s killing small businesses.

“Clitheroe is more like a ghost town these days and it’s getting worse and worse.

“The lease is up on the building, which is owned by the Standan Estate.

“And it’s got to a point where we can’t go on.”