NORTH West Euro MP Paul Nuttall has stepped up his warnings over an NHS scheme to share patients’ information.

The care data project, which is being rolled out this spring, involves NHS England collecting medical records from GP practices.

UKIP MEP and deputy leader Mr Nuttall said: “When I first warned about this last September, it was not intended that patients should be personally notified about the plan – which they are automatically included in unless they specifically opt out – but, following a backlash, the NHS agreed to send out information to them.

“However, this has taken the form of a leaflet, not in an addressed envelope, which many people will have discarded as unsolicited junk mail without reading it.

“The information to be taken does not include names, but it does include date of birth and NHS number, so it cannot properly be described as anonymous.

“We all know how notorious government computer schemes are.

“They always cost far more than anticipated, and how can we be sure what will eventually happen to this information?”