A SEX attacker alleged to have drugged his two victims when he struck more than a decade ago has been jailed.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Craig Oldfield, now 42, denied both incidents when he was arrested and questioned, and still protests his innocence.

The second of the women, both of whom are from the town, told police she had felt ‘almost Zombie-like’.

The hearing was told Oldfield was normally a ‘petty criminal’. He had no other sex offences on his record.

In August last year, while on bail, he rammed a police car at speed while trying to escape from some farmland and, when the car he had been driving was searched, it was full of tools used in theft.

Oldfield, of Como Avenue, Burnley, admitted two counts of indecent assault, committed in 2002. He had also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, going equipped for theft, theft, handling stolen goods, three counts of dam-aging property, and burgl-ary with intent to steal.

He was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register ind-efinitely, banned from driv-ing for a year, and must take an extended driving test.

The court was told the first sexual assault victim claim-ed Oldfield had given her two white tablets, which she thought were painkillers.

She began to feel drowsy and was unable to push the defendant off her.

She struggled to get free, but was unable to do so. Oldfield was arrested in February 2012 and denied any sexual activity.

The second woman was assaulted around the same time. She smoked cannabis, felt dizzy, and confused, and was unable to control her movements.

Oldfield led her into a bedroom and pulled down her jeans, and the court heard ‘she thinks she may have blacked out’. Oldfield was arrested over the assault last January and denied it.

Last August 30, a Burnley farmer noticed an abandoned Toyota four-wheel drive on his land. He contacted police and arranged to have the access track blocked off, so the vehicle could not leave.

A short time later, three men, including Oldfield, got into the vehicle and tried to escape through fencing.

The vehicle ploughed through ditches, hit garden fencing, and then drove at speed into a police vehicle, causing £1,000 damage.

Philip Holden, for Oldfield, said he wanted it known he did not accept he had committed the indecent assaults.

Sentencing Oldfield to three years and nine months in prison, Judge Beverley Lunt said she bore in mind he had never committed any other sexual offences since.

She said: “You have child-ren.

“You love your children.

You must stop committing petty offences, otherwise you are not going to see your children.”