THE search is still on for two Stonyhurst students who fled to the Caribbean.

The college’s headmaster yesterday said a full security review was to be carried out after the safe return of the two teenagers, who were captured on CCTV at Manchester Airport on Monday morning before boarding an indirect flight to the Dominican Republic.

Edward Bunyan and his girlfriend Indira Gainiyeva, both 16, were reported missing to the police later that day after a full search of the buildings and ground of the exclusive private school was conducted.

The couple were last night being sought in the Caribbean and it is understood that their parents had flown out to the Island.

A member of Edward’s family told a national newspaper that she ‘didn’t approve at all’ of his behaviour.

Victoria Bunyan, the widow of Edward's older half-brother Christopher, said: “I don't approve at all but sounds like he is having quite an adventure.

“It is going to get him in rather a lot of trouble I am sure. I'm not sure why he did it; they are very hormonal at that age. I don't know anything about the girl – I suspect her family are very worried too.

"I don't know what was going on at school for him but he is a bright boy so I am sure he will be ok and will work it out."

The Foreign Office said it is providing consulate support to Edward’s family.

Indira is understood to be from Kazakhstan. The Stonyhurst headmaster, Andrew Johnson, said: “Life is continuing as normal for pupils and staff at the school. We are still very concerned about their safety and we are hoping and praying that they return safe soon.

“Other students’ parents are being kept informed of the situation and we are in close contact with the two student’s parents.

“When they get back there will be questions that the parents will want to ask them and also questions that the school want to ask them.

“The remaining students have been warned about copying what they have done. The location of the students is in the hands of the police and they are continuing to make inquires. It’s important that we focus on them being brought back safe and deal with what will happen next later.”

The news of the couple’s arrival in the Dominican Republic has received worldwide coverage, being reported in countries including Germany, Spain, America and Nigeria.

Social networking site Twitter has seen concerned friends appeal for information.

One Stonyhurst student, using the username toof ?@t0xicFrog22h, said: “Headteacher Andy should let us talk to the press so we can help find our friend!”

The college's second master Matthew Mostyn, in an interview with Radio 4’s Today programme, said: “I don't know whether they are on their way back to the UK, it's a matter between the police and the families.

“We have excellent security, although it needs to be remembered that the prime purpose of that security is to keep intruders out of the building rather than to try to imprison our students."