A 19-year-old man living at a Gisburn caravan park took part in a sexually explicit live video message with a 16-year-old girl which was also viewed by her 13-year-old sister.

Blackburn magistrates heard the two girls were sitting on the sofa together when the older sister received an image showing the torso of a male engaging in a sex act.

When they told their mother what had happened the call was traced back to Aaron Cenq Kucukcan.

Kucukcan, now of Derby Street, Colne, admitted indecent exposure and was committed on bail to Preston Crown Court to be sentenced.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said when the girl received the FaceTime communication she didn’t realise who it was from.

Laura Heywood, defending, said Kucukcan knew the older girl and had talked to her on Facebook and on the phone.

“He says the messages had been a bit flirty but he overstepped the mark,” said Miss Heywood.

“He didn’t know the younger girl would be sat with her older sister.”