LANCASHIRE County Council bosses have visited Burnley after pleas from councillors who want action taken to address traffic problems in the area.

Chicanes in Daneshouse and Stoneyholme are causing hold-ups and road rage incidents, as inconsiderate drivers force their way through despite not having right of way, it has been claimed.

County councillor Dr Misfar Hassan has been campaigning for alternative traffic calming measures to be put in place for three years, and yesterday the council’s cabinet member for highways, county councillor John Fillis visited Daneshouse to review the situation.

County councillors Hassan and Fillis were also joined by a third county councillor, Terry Burns, and the three discussed some of the existing difficulties on Daneshouse Road. Coun Hassan said he himself had to call police when a driver refused to give way and blocked his car in. Before officers arrived the driver escaped by ignoring a no entry sign.

Coun Hassan said: “The traffic calming system on the road is a burning issue.

“I’ve been working with officers for the last couple of years now to find a resolution to a better traffic calming system.

“The new administration has said they will review it and see if an alternative can be put in.

“It’s terrible for residents who live on that road, they’re quite disturbed, they’re in a difficult situation. It’s difficult for people who live here and use it every day.

“We need to review the situation and see if there’s a compatible solution.”

Coun Hassan said the construction of the new university building in the area had also made the problem worse.

He said: “Traffic gets stuck because of the pedestrian crossing.

“We wanted to show Coun Fillis the problems. He had a look and he will be coming here again for a walkabout.”