LONGRIDGE ‘should be under the control of one local authority’ according to one of the town’s councillors.

Coun Ken Hind, who represents the Ribble Valley town on the borough council, said that it should either be under the control of the borough council or Preston City Council.

The majority of Longridge is currently under the jurisdiction of Ribble Valley Borough Council, with part of the west of the town under the control of Preston City Council.

Coun Hind, said: “Ribble Valley and Preston City Council should get their heads together and sort out which authority should control Longridge. It’s time for a decision because it’s allowing developers to set the planning agenda.

“Developers are dictating what is being built where and that will have a huge impact on the town.”

The call comes a day before a public inquiry into a plan which could ‘merge Longridge and Preston’ is due to start. The inquiry regards a proposal from Fox Strategic Land and Property Ltd to build 200 homes, offices and a swimming pool in the Ribble Valley town.

The inquiry is not being contested by Preston City Council, whose jurisdiction the area of the town falls under, after they received legal advice.