ELEVEN-year-old maths whizz Joshua Whiteoak was ‘delighted’ after receiving a flawless SAT test result of 100 per cent.

Blackburn Rovers fan, Joshua, who attended Avondale Primary School in Durham Street, Darwen, found out his impressive score earlier this week.

During a special leavers assembly, Joshua was called up to collect a maths award and for the first time, he and his mother heard of his remarkable achievement.

Joshua said: “I wasn’t sure what was going on. I’d been quite worried about my SATs and I was just sort of hoping for the best.

“I never expected I’d get 100 per cent and when the headteacher said it in assembley, I couldn’t believe it. It just sort of hit me that I must be quite clever.”

Sheila Whiteoak, Joshua’s mother, never doubted her son, who she says has always been ‘gifted’.

Mother-of-four, Sheila said: “I was absolutely blown away to hear that he got everything right.

“It’s amazing and I just sat there in awe of him, really and at what he’d acheived.”

Joshua, the youngest of four children, will start at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy in September and hopes to be a mechanical engineer or a pilot when he grows up.

SATS tests are compulsory National Curriculum assesments, used to assess children’s educational development at the ages 7, 11 and 14.

Joshua was awarded level 5, which is the highest level possible in the standard level 3 - 5 test.

Headteacher at Avondale Primary School, Stuart Plowes said: “It is very unusual and it’s definitely the first time I’ve ever come across a pupil scoring 100 per cent.

“Josh should be very proud of himself. It’s much more than just retaining maths knowledge, it’s about being conscientious and reading each question carefully and not making any silly mistakes.

“We’ve watched him work his heart out this term and it’s shown him what he can do.”