STAFF carried out their own detective work after a sophisticated raid on their business – and caught two suspects with a hidden camera.

Four men smashed their way into electricals company WH Good, on Carrs Industrial Estate, in Haslingden, at around 2am on Monday.

They stole £10,000 of property, but left 3.5tonnes of copper cabling stashed in bushes 200 yards away.

After discovering the hidden wiring, in Commerce Street, the next day, an electrical engineer and an estimator from the firm placed a webcam in a conference room and focused it on the spot.

At around 9.30pm, one of the staff members noticed two suspects come into view and alerted police.

Twenty minutes later, officers arrested two men – aged 24 and 25, and both from Bradford – on a neighbouring street.

The men were detained on suspicion of burglary and were being questioned yesterday evening.

When the break-in happened, the gang, dressed in black, lifted a manhole cover outside and cut wires to the alarm system and CCTV.

Believing the alarm system was switched off due to a power outage, the security company did not alert the police. Two offenders then climbed onto the roof of the building, in Commerce Street, and used a tool to further smash the alarm system. When it did not trigger, the burglars smashed a window to enter the building, using insulation to mask the sound.

The four men then ransacked the warehouse and offices, forcing their way through doors, and rifling through drawers and cabinets.

They took four Blackberry monitors, three mobile phones, four HP desktop computers, a Toshiba and a notepad laptop, an empty safe, and attempted to steal a 42-inch television, before smashing it when they failed. After stashing the copper wiring taken from the warehouse, the gang left.

Sgt Mark Taylor said: “This was quite a sophisticated operation. It’s a high-value burglary and the offenders have caused extensive damage. We are taking it very seriously and inquiries are ongoing.”

Phil Sumner, managing director at the firm, said: “I’d like to thank the police for what they’ve done. They’ve been very good.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.