A WOMAN who slapped another female in a Blackburn pub has been placed on 18 months supervision, with an 18-week curfew.

Joanne Smith was also fined £100 because the offence took place while she was on a suspended sentence, Preston Crown Court was told.

A court heard she slapped a woman called Charlotte Dearden who was singing along to karaoke in the Last Orders pub on Darwen Street.

The defendant, 33, of Stopes Brow, Lower Darwen had been committed by magistrates for sentencing for common assault, on February 9.

Peter Barr, prosecuting, said the two women were at different tables in the pub.

Smith was heard to say: “I could have you and you and you.” She got up and slapped the woman’s face, causing swelling and pain to her left eye.

CCTV footage was played in court at the hearing.

The defendant later said she had no memory of what happened, due to drink. In pleading guilty, she apologised.

James Heyworth, defending, said it had been a regrettable incident.

The offence had occurred near the end of a suspended sentence, made in February 2011 for wounding.

He said: “Since then she has significantly moved forward in her life and has moved away from past associates.”

Judge Stuart Baker ordered the defendant to pay £150 compensation to her victim. The curfew will run nightly from 8pm to 6am.

He said: “Drunken violence, particularly in a pub, is totally uncivilised behaviour.”