A CLITHEROE business woman and 34 companies have clubbed together to raise more than £2,000 to buy live-saving equipment.

Ann-Marie Williams, 36, who own Clitheroe Decorating Centre, decided to take on the challenge to buy a defibrillator for St Michael and St John’s Primary School where her two children are pupils.

But the amount raised means they have been able to buy four of the devices for the Ribble Valley.

The businesses all contributed prizes to a raffle including a computer, three personal training sessions and a £100 holiday voucher.

Three life-saving devices will be placed in Clitheroe at the catholic club, the primary school and at the catholic church, while another will be given to Sabden.

Mrs Williams, who runs the business with her husband Brian, said: “It’s so important for defibrillators to be in easily accessible locations in rural towns and villages.

“You always hear of sad stories from up and down the country about people dying on the street because there wasn’t a defibrillator.

“This is really a thank you to the school and I hope they never have to get used.

“It was unbelievable that so many businesses wanted to get involved and their generosity was outstanding.”

It comes after the town council announced plans in April to put a machine in the town centre and the Clitheroe Rotary Club is also set to put two in the town.

Rotary Club president David Bleazard said: “It’s great that the town is getting so many defibrillators and there can never be enough.

“They save people’s life and are so important to have around, especially in the Ribble Valley.

“I don’t think these are going to be the last that we see being installed in the town.”