A 15-YEAR-OLD has organised a concert to raise cash for a chil-dren’s cancer ward.

Anna Souroullas, a pupil at St Augustine’s RC High School, Billington, is putting on the Fusion Live gig at The Grand in Clitheroe on May 17 in aid of the young oncology unit at The Christie Hospital in Manchester as part of her Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.

The youngster, who lives in Whinney Lane, Lang-ho, has secured acts like Fuze, who have supported McFly, Burnley rapper Eski Child and musician Jae Swift. Anna said she was excited about the musical extravaganza, but admitted she was a little nervous.

She said: “Originally my mum gave me the idea, but we were just joking around and she did not think I would actually try to pull it off.

“I thought it was some-thing I would enjoy going to, so I thought others would too.”

The youngster has done everything from design-ing flyers and tickets, booking the venue and the bands and marketing her event to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.

To get the Duke of Edin-burgh bronze award, part-icipants must learn a skill, do some volunt-eering and go on an exp-edition.

Anna said this was the final section she needed to complete before she wou-ld be given the award.

The youngster, who said she wanted to be an eve-nts manager when she left school, said: “Doing this has taught me to be more independent, which will help me when I try to get a job.

“I am happy with how all of the organisation has gone so far and my friends are really looking forward to it.”

Anna’s mum, massage therapist Lisa Moustacas said: “I am very proud of Anna.

“She just felt that The Christie was a good cause and she has been very busy organising everyth-ing herself.”

Tickets for Fusion Live cost £6 and are available by calling The Grand on 01200 421599.