A HERITAGE group has been approached to write a book about an area’s history.

The Hyndburn Heritage and Community Group has been appealing for historical items and imags for over a year in order to create a museum preserving local history.

After being sent a plethora of items from people across Hyndburn, it has now been approached by special interest publisher Amberley Publishing.

The publishing group writes about historic figures, including Shakespeare and Richard III, but also produces local history books, with detailed images.

The Accrington group said it had recently unearthed the first-ever picture of Accrington Carnival.

It has also been given photographs which show the first electrical cable being laid in Accrington, at Abbey Street, in 1900.

A photograph given to the group shows William Peel opening Peel Park, in September 1909, while an engraving shows the foundry room at Bullough’s from an unknown year.

An 1897 sketch of Accrington also shows Accrington Market Hall for an edition of Industrial Lancashire.

Angela Fryatt, chairman of the group, said members were keen to gather more photographs over the next few months, with the aim of going to print by September.

She said: “We hope to get about 90 images, and there are some we are particularly keen to find.

“Amberley is known for doing ‘then and now’ pictures, so we were hoping to get a picture of Accrington Stanley back when they played at Peel Park.

“We’d then contrast that with a modern pic-ture of the Crown Ground.

“It is a wonderful oppor-tunity to get some fantastic pieces of Hyndburn history together and prin- ted for posterity.

“We want as many people as possible to get involved and help us create something really excit-ing.”

Anyone with pictures, to which they have the copyright, or the copy-right has expired, can get in touch with the group via email at angela.fryatt@hyndburnheritage.co.uk or the group’s exhibition in Accrington Market Hall.