EAST Lancashire saw just 19 hours of sunshine last month - and more wintery weather is on the way.

Amateur weatherman Roy Chetham recorded the dullest January for more than 40 years, and although temperatures were around normal for the time of year, snow lay of the ground for 10 days.

According to Mr Chetham’s statistics, the maximum depth of level snow cover was 8cm on Saturday 26.

He said: “Last month was a strange one.

“It started mild and then there was a cold spell and then it ended mild.

“The temperature map was a big ‘U’ shape and the air pressure map was so low it looked like a sick patient in hospital.

“It was not unusual weather for the time of year except for it being the dullest in 42 years.

“It is depressing and it is no wonder we are all sad.”

And Charlie Powell, spokesman for the Met Office, said it was likely we were in for another cold snap over the coming days.

He said: “We have already seen some snow showers in Scotland and some of that cold air will start to drift down to Lancashire.

“Temperatures were expected be down to freezing overnight so it will be frosty today (Sat).

“Today (Sat) will be generally quite dry and sunny with a bit of a breeze, but it will turn cloudy in the afternoon, with highs of 4C.”

Tomorrow (Sun) is expected to be less cold with temperatures reaching 9C with some outbreaks of rain.

However from Monday and into the next working week, some snow is predicted.

Mr Powell said: “We will pick up a stronger wind with one or two showers which in East Lancashire may include some flurries, but nothing too substantial.”