A PLAN to erect a wind turbine behind homes has led to claims an area could turn into a ‘windmill city’.

Installation of the 65ft tall monopole mast behind homes in Colliers Row, Oswaldtwistle, has seen a councillor speak out over the proposals.

Ward councillor Peter Britcliffe said he feared the application would give the green light for similar bids, which would see wind turbines populating the green belt area of land.

Campaigners against the bid also submitted a 60-signature petition, and 47 objection letters, to Hyndburn Council.

The proposed turbine, with three 5metre length blades, would be sited between 300 and 400 metres away from homes, and would require the digging of a trench to connect the turbine to the National Grid.

Coun Britcliffe said: “These turbines are monstrosities and are detrimental to the area. If this application is passed, it will give the green light for further such developments throughout the borough, destroying our beautiful countryside and, before we know where we are, we will be turned into windmill city. I urge members of the planning committee to reject this application.”

Planning officers recommended the bid be approved at a planning meeting yesterday, as the application was aimed at helping the National Grid meet the government’s renewable energy targets.

However, councillors voted to defer the application, by Yorkshire-based EWH1 until further ecology tests were undertaken, and for a report on the potential effect on television signals.

Planning committee chairman Bernard Dawson said: “There were just a few points members felt needed clarifying. We have also decided to go along on a site visit.”

A turbine in this windswept location is estimated as capable of generating approximately 30,000 kWh of renewable electricity a year, providing power to approximately seven large fam ily homes. A report to the council said: “It is considered that there are special circumstances to outweigh allowing the proposed development in the green belt. In addition, it is not considered that the proposal would significantly conflict with the purposes of including land in the green belt.”