TWO suspected illegal immigrants are facing possible deportation after a raid on a takeaway in Burnley.

An operation was carried out by the UK Border Agency at the Chicken Cottage, in Rosegrove Lane, and two men were detained.

But bosses at the franchise insist that one had legitimate identification and the other was only working there temporarily to advise on the menu.

Investigators carried out checks on staff there and found that two Pakistani nationals, aged 25 and 44, had allegedly overstayed their visas.

The pair, who have not been named, are also suspected of working in breach of their visa requirements and were arrested.

Currently they are being held at an immigration detention centre before their anticipated removal from the UK.

Bosses at the Chicken Cottage could be facing fines of up to £20,000 unless they can prove to border officials that appropriate checks were carried out on staff.

But Musha Ali, cousin of franchise holder Amir Khan, said: “The younger man had a photo driving licence and a National Insurance number so how we were supposed to know?

“He had only been with us for around two weeks and had worked somewhere else for eight or nine years.

“The older man had only been with us for around seven days. He was just showing us some recipes.

“We have got the paperwork and our barrister will be presenting it to the court and we will see what happens then."

The Chicken Cottage chain, based in Croydon, is run on a franchise basis with branches across Greater Manchester.

Alison Wray, UK Border Agency north west enforcement head, said: “We will continue our hard work to track down those who have no permission to remain in the UK.

“As this operation shows, those found to be here illegally will be caught and will face removal from the UK.

“The agency is also targeting unscrupulous employers who hire illegal workers, undercutting wages and potentially exploiting vulnerable workers."