CAMPAIGNERS are saying a road needs to be redesignated after increasing traffic has turned a cobbled lane into a rat-run.

Clinkham Road, in Great Harwood, has become notorious in past years for trapped buses and HGVs whose drivers have followed sat-nav instructions.

Local councillors got together to alert the major sat-nav companies last year in a bid to solve the problem.

However, traffic levels are once again creeping up on the lane, which is not wide enough to allow even two small cars to pass.

Residents and campaigners said there was nothing on maps, or signage, to suggest the road was unsuitable for heavy traffic.

In addition to having the speed reduced from 30mph to 10mph, residents said road maps should also reflect the road is a minor cart track.

Edge End resident and campaigner Lynn Wilson said: “In spite of asking the sat-nav companies to remove it as a route, traffic is creeping back up again.

“It is really unsuitable, and many people are misled by maps and lack of signage, and get stuck.

“Even on paper maps, it looks like a much larger road than it really is.

“This means that cyclists, horse riders, and pedestrians who use the lane are being put in danger.

“It’s also encouraging speeding traffic to go past Edge End’s play park, endangering children.

“One farmer was even yelled at by one motorists for driving his cattle across the road.

“People should realise that it is mainly access for the farms, and for local people to use recreationally.”

She said grass embankments are also being worn away by traffic which is too wide for the lane.

The lane campaign is also being supported by the chairman of Great Harwood regeneration group John Duckworth.

No-one from Lancashire County Council, which looks after highways, was available for comment.