KINDLING and firewood found on the streets of Bacup is keeping dozens of homes warm this winter - and cleaning up the town into the bargain.

Supporters of Bacup Pride are behind an imaginative scheme which is converting wood, either left strewn as the result of fly-tipping or abandoned on waste ground, and recycling it.

And the end result, after it is chopped into manageable bundles, is being sold in Michael Holland’s Fulbaechop shop in Yorkshire Street.

Michael said: “I have been chatting with Bacup Pride since I opened up in the summer and they had the idea, so I was happy to work with them.

“There a fair few people in Bacup who don’t have cars so they’ll walk in, pick up a bundle, and away they go.

“I’ve sold quite a few bundles already - there have been a few people who’ve come to buy firewood because they’ve got a wood-burning stove, and it’s fashionable.

“But most of the people just see it as a good way of keeping warm during the winter and I’m happy to help.”

Bundles of kindling are selling for £1 and more substantial bags of firewood can be bought for £2.

Bacup Pride intends to use the proceeds from the sales to fund its town centre improvements programme, which has already seen regular clean-up campaigns in various Bacup locations.

Donations of old wood can also be made to the cause by calling 0794 250 7753 or e-mailing