STUDENTS are being asked not to leave ‘gifts’ for criminals this Christmas by police.

Empty student houses and halls of accommodation can be tempting for burglars, especially if valuable items are left on display near windows, police said.

PC Lynn Wilson said: “Leaving items like laptops and other gadgets in your student acc-ommodation, especially if it is out on show, is just like leaving a gift for a criminal.

“Coming back and finding your flat has been broken into is not the best start to the new year — so take a few moments to protect both yourself and your personal property from crim-inals.

“If you can, take your valuables home with you. If not, make sure they are locked away out of sight. Many storage companies offer special student rates if you need somewhere secure.

“Make sure your room door, windows and the door to you accommodation are closed and locked when you leave. Take your keys home with you.

“Mark your property with UV kits. Your university neighbourhood police team should be able to help. This will make items easier to return if they are stolen and then later rec-overed by police.”

Police have also issued warnings over Christmas parties.

A spokesman said: “Too much of the festive spirits can affect your judgement, cause a health risk and leave you vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime. Pace your drinks and consider alternating alcoholic drinks with a soft drink or water — you will last the night out and you’ll save a bit of cash too. Drink spiking is rare — the amount of alcohol consumed is more often the problem. Keep hold of your drink and don’t leave it on the side of the dance floor.”