TWO potential sites for 100-foot wind turbines have been identified near Darwen.

A cross-party group made up of members of Blackburn with Darwen Council’s planning committee toured sites in a bid to establish where turbines would be acceptable within the borough.

After consideration, the group decided a site in Belmont and a site at Cadshaw Bridge would be suitable.

The first site was at the back of Belmont, in the dip between the village and Winter Hill.

A further site off Bolton Road at Cadshaw Bridge, heading out towards Egerton, was also identified.

A third side at Entwistle was looked at but was deemed unsuitable.

Sudell councillor Paul Browne, who sits on the planning committee and represented the Liberal Democrats on the working group, said the impact on nearby residents was the main focus.

He said: “At Belmont the people who would see any turbines would be in Chorley and Preston.

“Nobody in Blackburn with Darwen would be affected and it won’t interfere with TV reception.

“The same goes for Cadshaw Bridge as there are no homes nearby.

“I think these two sites would be ideal for wind turbines.

“These were the only two sites in the borough we felt would be suitable so if applications for turbines anywhere else are made I think they will be turned down.

“And we don’t want people having the same problems as those in Baxenden who have had problems with their TV reception.”

North Turton and Tockholes councillor Colin Rigby, whose area both of the sites fall within, said he thought there were better alternatives to wind turbines.

He said: “I am told all the time we need turbines and I can understand the requirement for them in some cases.

“But when it comes to these massive ones, I can’t believe they are an economic viability.

“A lot of the time they are on farm land, like the proposed one at Bull Hill that got refused, and the landowners are subsidised.

“That, to me, is the economy of the madhouse.”