A SHOP customer was groped in the middle of a store by a Nelson man after he tried to quiz her about hair dyes, a court heard.

The alleged victim had gone into the Wilkinson store at the Pendle Rise shopping centre in Nelson to look at hair dyes, Preston Crown Court was told.

She suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder and was met by Fahan Mehood, who began talking to her, said prosecutor David Macro.

The young woman could not make out what he was saying at first but eventually worked out he was saying something about hair dyes, the court heard.

“Then he asked her if she had a boyfriend and she told him that she did,” said Mr Macro.

“He then tried to touch her hair and she moved away a little to stop that contact.

“Then he reached out and touched her shoulder, as though he was stroking her hair and before she could move he then slid his hand across her right breast.

“That sliding of his hand turned into a full grab of her breast and she moved him away with her arm.”

The young woman immediately reported the incident to a nearby member of staff, said Mr Macro, and Mehmood left the store.

Mr Macro said CCTV showed the young woman entering the store and Mehood shortly after, and filmed him leaving. But the incident itself was obscured.

Interviewed later about the matter, Mehmood said he had spoken to the alleged victim about hair dyes, as he wanted to know if they were suitable for men and women.

But she had begun shouting at him and he had left.

If he had touched her in the manner described then it was an accident, the court heard.

Mehmood, 27, of Bentley Street, Nelson, denies sexual assault.

The trial continues.