The ‘Halloween Special’ which of our couples would haunt us with their performance and who would run away screaming?

Who would trick us into staying in the competition and who would treat us with some fancy footwork? A fancy little polka production opening to Saturday’s show with fantastic costumes and make-up.

Russell and Flavia, Samba
C4, L6, A6, B6, Total 22.
Samba is a very difficult dance to master because of the rhythm changes, and I thought Russell held it together very well, he kept the energy level of his performance constant and danced the recognisable step patterns correctly, there were however some timing issues but I found the character and feel of their performance invigorating.

Chelsee and Pasha, Tango
C7, L8, A9, B8, Total32.
A very flavoursome strong Tango from Chelsee, it would have helped though if she was more relaxed in the knees, but her top line is excellent full of passion, her costume let her down though and she lost her nerve because of it, but why have the costume department let her dance without any support in the ‘Bristol’ area is beyond me.

Audley and Natalie, Jive
C3, L6, A6, B5, Total 20.
This week, we found Audley’s weak point, the performance was fun but it was very heavy footed and he was constantly behind the beat. I still love how far Audley has improved and think it is fantastic that with his canal barge feet he has floated around the floor in other dances, but he should stay away from the Jive.

Alex and James, Paso Doblé
C7, L8, A8, B8, Total 31.
A good dramatic interpretation of this dance, but I do think the dance was choreographed for the stage and not the floor, as there was only two Paso steps in the whole routine one of which had been timed funny. Alex did up her game though this week and she looked at ease on her solo performance, but I think the judges over marked it, was that because of James’s outburst last week?

Holly and Artem, American Smooth (Foxtrotish)
C 8, L 9, A 9, B 9, Total 35.
An extremely daring peace of music to choose and to dance a Foxtrot too, I loved the costumes and the performance level but it was either going to be a train wreck or fantastic, and I am still undecided, I loved the concept but it just did not tick all the Foxtrot boxes, in conclusion big gamble that sort of paid off.

Nancy and Anton, Rumba
C2, L5, A3, B4, Total 14.
There were signs of improvement this week from Nancy, and she does look very glamorous, stood still! But when she did move she just stomped round the floor on bent knees and Anton just dragged her around like a rag doll.

Harry and Aliona, Tango
C8, L7, A10, B9, Total 34.
I loved the first half of the routine and it was very well performed, I loved the story and Harry’s acting, but when they were in closed hold his left arm was too erect and he looked a little cumbersome in the shoulders but he does dance and perform every week like it is the final.

Robbie and Ola, Paso Doblé
C4, L7, A8, B7, Total 26.
Great cape work from Robbie and now the ‘Robbie Shift’ hip thrust is his calling card he looks like he is loving every second of his time on the dance floor. The Paso steps were very well danced and to a good standard for someone who has been dancing for two months, he needed to be a little more relaxed in the knees especially on his chasse capes, but overall for me it was one of the most technically, correctly danced routines of the evening, danced in hold with something for everyone.

Anita and Robin, Tango.
C7, L8, A8, B8, Total 31.
A traditional Tango with enough highlights to lift the emotion, yet keep the technicality of a professional performance, full of content, drama and power, come on Anita believe in yourself more!

Lulu and Brendan, Paso Doblé
C6, L7, A8, B8, Total 29.
Another dramatic performance from these two this week with more dance content in the routine then we have seen before, but for me it was more about Brendan and not Lulu as she looked unrehearsed, but high flying! And entertaining.

Jason and Kristina, Quickstep
C9, L9, A10, B9, Total 37.
Jason is back in the running again, what a fantastic clever opening to their routine making the most of Jason’s acting skills, (go Kristina) very cleverly choreographed with a great, well interpreted story. It was excellent up to the promenade runs, which was like watching someone else dance. Easily deserving of the top scoring routine of the evening.

Sundays result show.

A Geek and Sirens Samba opening to start the results show was not one of the best professional group numbers, but I do think we have been spoilt over the last few weeks, but the American Smooth Foxtrot with ‘Batman Simone’ and gang elegantly made up for it. Audley & Natalie and Nancy & Anton were both in the bottom two this week, which was correct and Audley & Natalie dance again next week thank goodness.