The first day of advent and with only three weeks to the grand final, who will be the fairy on top of our tree, and who will be left outside clearing and salting the paths!

Kimberley & Pasha, Jive A great fast and furious Jive routine, with some good technically demonstrated steps and even a Twisting Pull Through, Kimberley kept the energy throughout but I would have preferred to see a little higher elevation, but well danced.

Dani & Vincent, Viennese Waltz A lovely well controlled Viennese Waltz, with a lovely little storyline, great control on the rotary turns and a beautifully held attitude, despite what Craig said. A near perfect performance.

Michael & Natalie, Samba Samba is a very difficult dance for the male celebrities to master and look fluid yet masculine, and Michael on the whole did a very good job, the choreography reminded me of a Donnie and Gaynor routine, great lively performance with just a couple of little hick-ups, but well placed feet.

Nicky & Karen, Argentine Tango This was easily Nicky’s best dance to date, showing great control, flair, passion and power, beautifully dramatised and intense with great control on the lifts and drag, a little stumbley on the Zig-Zags but well done.

Lisa & Robin, Quickstep A light, lively, quirky Quickstep, I thought the energy and choreography slipped slightly in the second part of the routine, but a great showpiece.

Denise & James, Salsa For me this was one of Denise’s best technical performances to date, despite the couple of little slip ups on the preparation for the final lift, which I do not think was needed as the dance content was enough on its own, a good Mambo Break action with well controlled hips on the cucaracha.

Louis & Flavia, Charleston Louis ‘s best performed routine to date, with great choreography using his skills to the best, it did feel a little slow for a Charleston but a great showstopper and a true little selection box!

SUNDAY RESULT SHOW A Café Rouge little Charlestonesq routine to open the show this week by our professional dancers but with Michael & Natalie and Nicky & Karen in the dreaded dance off it was going to be hard to lose either one of our male celebrities and even though they both upped their game, the performance of Nicky & Karen’s Argentine was fabulous and we see them get a step closer to the Glitter Ball trophy.