Stanley House Hotel has unveiled the newest addition in its multi-million pound development with the opening of a new restaurant, Grill on the Hill.

The grill-led menu brings together a mix of British favourites and French classics.

The restaurant is the first of a series of developments at the Mellor hotel in recent months.

It is run by head chef Andrew Parker. Here he shares one of his favourite recipes.

LOBSTER SALAD (Makes two portions)
1 x 11/4 lb cooked lobster (Scottish are the best but Canadian are very good)
1 ripe mango
100ml basic vinaigrette
100g boiled new potatoes (we use Jersey royals at this time of year)
1 shallot
2 tblsp mayonnaise
20g bean sprouts
20g trompet de la morte mushrooms (these are a black, trumpet shaped mushroom which can be found fresh or dried in all good quality deli stores and supermarkets)
1tblsp olive oil
1tblsp water
fresh coriander leaf (cut into fine strips)
1 frisee lettuce picked and washed
Sea salt
Crack the lobster tail and claws and remove the meat from the shell. Using the point of a small knife, remove the waste pipe from the tail.
Slice the lobster tail into eight pieces and the claw into two, season and reserve.
Finely dice the potato and chop the shallot. Mix with the mayonnaise, season and reserve.
Bring to the boil the seasoned water and oil, add the mushrooms and bring back to the boil.
When the mushrooms have gone limp, drain off and leave to cool.
Peel the mango and cut into approx 20 evenly sized strips.
Discard the stone and liquidize the leftover mango with the vinaigrette until a smooth puree is achieved.

To serve, arrange six small piles of potato salad on each plate and top with a piece of lobster and then a strip of mango.

Scatter a little finely picked frisee lettuce and a few bean sprouts around the lobster and sprinkle with the coriander leaf.

Using a teaspoon, drizzle the mango dressing over the salad and serve with a glass of chilled champagne.